5-Jun-2018Torrance, CA(16 miles)Cats for Sale
I am a fat and sassy lassy who likes to be fussed over and, once I know you, will pat your derriere when you walk by. Hah! Gotcha! I was a street rescue from - you guessed it - the City of Bellflower. I was just a young mom then, with two kittens. Patr...
5-Jun-2018Los Angeles, CA(10 miles)Cats for Sale
Adopt test a All Black American Short hair / Mixed cat in Los Angeles, CA (20436010) spayed/neutered
5-Jun-2018West Hills, CA(17 miles)Cats for Sale
Not all pets come 'ready-to-love' and some of them take a little longer than others. Ivory just needs a chance. Shes waited 3+ years for a home and has gained enough weight to qualify as a tub-of-love. Ivory needs an fully grown home with lots of play tim...
5-Jun-2018Long Beach, CA(25 miles)Cats for Sale
Leonardo and Artemis are lovely male and female brother & sister, two years old spayed & neutered. They are strictly indoor cats, very loving & very affectionate. Their owner is moving back into her parents home and will be unable to take her cats wi...
Named after the super famous and totally fab, Penelope Cruz, I'm smart, independent, and the strongest of my 5 siblings. I am a tuxedo cat and I have been called very pretty and I like to think of myself as stylish too! My story didnt start out a...
5-Jun-2018West Hills, CA(17 miles)Cats for Sale
Murray is a shiny black American short hair guy with a knob and bend in the tip of his tail. He is loving and has a adorable voice. He makes kitty biscuits on you and really enjoys being petted and groomed. Murray is a feel great kitty his fur is soft...
Fincher is extremely cute. She's a fairly shy cat but when she warms to you, she will sit next to you all the time and look for you to scratch her head and back.
6-Jun-2018Torrance, CA(16 miles)Cats for Sale
Olive belonged to my grandmother who passed away in January. My parents were going to take her in, together with their two cats. But Olive did not get along AT ALL with my mom's female black cat. I willingly took her in, however it hasn't been working out too well. She does not get along with my wife's cat, and intimidates the dog and the turtle. I have two kids, ages five and 2, who sometimes ...
6-Jun-2018Los Angeles, CA(10 miles)Cats for Sale
*Purrs* Hi there! My name is Zion and my mama and siblings were all rescued from living outside in Culver City! We are really loving being spoiled by our foster mama! I'm a really wonderful girl who turns into a puddle of love in your arms. I have a really loud purr motor and enjoy playing with toys, my siblings, and eating caoi churro treats! They are my favs! I will be spayed prior to my adop...
10-May-2018Santa Monica, CA(2 miles)Cats for Sale
Hi, my name is Gosling. I am named after both the very famous and super attractive Ryan Gosling and the super lovable and very tiny baby goose. (I don t look at all like a goose but I have been told I could be a model or an actor because I am smart and very terrific looking!) I came from a bad situation. I was born in an alley during a big storm. It was a life or death situation. A very good wo...
22-May-2018Los Angeles, CA(10 miles)Cats for Sale
*Purrs* Hello there! My name is Selene and I was rescued from the Harbor City Warehouse hoarder case! I am soooo happy to be out of there and in a loving foster home! I have 1 of the most precious personalities you'd ever see! I literally cannot control myself when I'm being pet. I will twirl and rub all of you for max petting effect! I must have ALL of your snuggles. My purr motor is seriously...
10-May-2018Santa Monica, CA(2 miles)Cats for Sale
My name is Eva! I'm named after the amazing and stunning Eva Mendes. I am just as lovely and sometimes I pose like a model. I have a very cute pink nose. I'm very calm for my age. I'm polite and get along well with other cats and humans. I like to play spy games and spy on my fosters as well as any dogs who may be passing by. Sometimes I play this game with my other siblings Gosling and Desu. I...
10-May-2018Santa Monica, CA(2 miles)Cats for Sale
My name is Desu! I am Tabby kitten. My name, "Desu" is a Japanese ending for a statement. In the Japanese language, you add "desu" to a phrase to make a declarative statement. That is the purrfect name for me because I am a deep thinker! I have a lot of important things to say and I d love to tell you all about it! The people I have been staying with say I am smart. They always talk back which ...
10-May-2018Santa Monica, CA(2 miles)Cats for Sale
Hi my name is Josephine. I have had two homes with lovable humans. My 1st family moved away and couldn't take me with them. My second human died. So now I am looking for another human. I am sweet cat who is mellow. I love to window watch and sit up high and bird watch! P lease e-mail XXXX@vftafoundation.org for more details or call 310-392-XXXX
10-May-2018Santa Monica, CA(2 miles)Cats for Sale
Hi I am Harry and I was rescued recently by the LAPD who saved my life. I needed to be rushed to the veterinarian to have emergency surgery. The police contacted VFTA and they came and got me. I am very shy but I am so happy to be ok! For more information please e-mail XXXX@vftafoundation.org or call 310-392-XXXX
10-May-2018Hermosa Beach, CA(13 miles)Cats for Sale
Petite and demure, Emony is sure to be a small fully grown like her mom who has topped out at 7lbs. With a silky black coat and cute little face, she is easy to adore and gets along with other cats. Quieter and less demanding than her brothers, she may not ask for attention but you may very well wake up to find her snuggled with you. She d do best going home with 1 of her brothers, in particula...
10-May-2018Hermosa Beach, CA(13 miles)Cats for Sale
Quiet and precious, Curzon doesn t say much. His distinguished and regal features make him the purrfect decoration for your home. He gets along with everyone, and will even let humans pick him up for cuddles. A independent gentleman who doesn t get in the way, he would still love to have someone to play and hang out with. Currently lives in Torrance with his mom, siblings, and feline foster unc...
10-May-2018Hermosa Beach, CA(13 miles)Cats for Sale
A perpetual purr machine, Tobin is incredibly adorable and snuggly, mixed with the right amount of playfulness. He loves to cuddle with everyone, both human and feline, and breaks out into purrs at the slightest hint of attention. He is easy-going and just wants to find someone to love him forever. Not shy about asking for attention, but won t get in the way unless he sees something moving on y...
10-May-2018Hermosa Beach, CA(13 miles)Cats for Sale
A teen mom, she is ready to leave motherhood behind and be your baby. Not particularly attached to any of her kittens, she gets along with other cats, and definitely likes humans, even strangers. She s definitely not shy and will greet you at your front door and demand some of your attention or food. Weighing in at only 7 pounds and perpetually baby-faced, it s impossible not to love this petit...
6-Jun-2018Los Angeles, CA(10 miles)Cats for Sale
*Note, this kitty is fostered in San Diego* *PURR MACHINE TO THE MAX* Hiiiiiiiii! So you guessed it! My name is Reade and I'm a MEGA purr machine rescued from Devore Shelter in San Bernadino. I'm 1 very happy go lucky kitten with lots of love to give. I'm a four month old cutie pie who loves to snuggle with everyone and anyone! Due to my super social purrsonality, I'd be lovable in just about a...
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